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Success through family marketing

Happy children = happy parents. This is the formula of success for an effective family marketing strategy. If the kids are excited about a company the parents will think more highly of the business.

That is why Cleverly develops individual concepts for companies that manage to make children’s eyes filled with joy. In the same vain conveying an underlying advertising message. Anything from sponsoring, to an event day and different adventure concepts are possible. If desired we will likewise cover the PR-work surrounding the marketing project.

Numerous companies such as craft businesses, pharmaceutical companies, retail companies and tourism businesses place their trust in the quality of our marketing concepts. Simply because we rock!

Loving child care services for successful companies!

With a thought through child care service for the employees children at events, companies present themselves as progressive and family friendly. Cleverly’s business child care services don’t just make the children happy. Similarly they help so satisfy customers, partners and employees. If the parents know that their children are well taken care of. They are consequently more relaxed, which likely result in the rise of the company’s status.

Above all Cleverly develops an individual concept for every business. After that we implement lots of love for all the little details. Customers of our family marketing agency can profit from multiple things.



About clever

Clever is the address when it comes to looking after the little heroes. Numerous events and private celebrations, such as weddings and children’s birth stages, have already been enriched by an exciting and fun supporting program. The employees are loving with the children and have everything from great skateboard workshops, exciting track searches with dogs to educational and fun cooking classes and all kinds of fun for children.