Jonathan Axelsson aka Johnny lives in Salzburg since about 10 years and loves skateboarding.

He got his first board at the age of 5 back in Jönköping/Sweden. Until he turned 12 the skateboard was sort of forgotten about. At this time a lot of kids rode skateboards. Johnny on the other hand was more into gymnastics, much like his Grandpa who, back in the days, practised gymnastics on a professional level. Head stands, walking on your hands, frontflips and backflips and balancing on nearly everything was very helpful in training his agility and sense of balance. These abilities were very helpful when he decided to find the board and try it again. Said and done, he pretty soon got infected with the skateboard virus and found friends for life. A lot of fun, scraped knees and elbows, sprained wrists and fresh air followed.

„I’ve never broken a bone, well alright, the top part of my thumb but that doesn’t really count… knock on wood!“ Johnny laughs. The secret is to try, fall, get up, try again and eventually reach your goal (every trick is a goal in itself), that is what the skateboard can teach you. And looking up to the older riders gives you a sense of respect of what they have achieved and that they can teach you a thing or two. It’s a way of life: try and try again and when you finally get it you want to learn the next trick, and the next trick and at the same time you pass it on to others. „We skaters look after each other, it’s a big family!“

So what does Johnny want here at Cleverly? To give you this particular feeling and teach you what he can. „I dream of creating a skateboard school, where everyone can meet, age 0-99. That’s my goal!“ Johnny`s skateboard hall opens on the 24th of July 2020, synchronizing with the opening of the Summer Olympics in Japan. Until then you can book him here. As your skateboard coach!

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